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A book, a newspaper, a picture, are enough to initiate the curiosity. A visit on site, and here comes the passion for the First World War !

Smoothen hollows - remainders of trenches - under the woods, pieces of rusted steel and vague iron wire, some lost ammunition cartridges or shell bodies along a ploughed land, or sometimes far more sinister remainders whose guessed origin gives shiver, last touching witnesses that hardly communicate the full horror experienced by so many men, and for a lot of them physical and mental unbearable suffering in an atmosphere of fear, hunger, stench, cold, wet... Soon the passion for the History of WW1 is joined by the compassion for the men.

'Spoon' french grenade  F1, photographed with fear and respect on 304 hill, Verdun
Death is still very close, though, she did not took all her playtools back. A drama can be awaiting any fool taking this strange pine cone in his hands... 90 years after, the Great War still kills !

Walking on a former world war 1 battlefield site may be a very nice experience in a seductive nature, surrounded by green grass, singings birds, and charming countryside. Nature and humanity took their rights back, and a unaware mind could simply remember of a nice promenade.

But if you take time and care to immerse in those times, to read some witnesses, to learn to identify some relics, it becomes possible to feel a real emotion, a respectful meditation, walking on a ground that used to be Hell for so many young men. And slowly the conscience comes that our promenade is being transformed, that the tortured men souls are there, looking at us, and that our rare visits are perhaps giving some consolation to those forgotten beings...

Little by little, a thought is imposing itself, the one that Maurice Genevoix wanted to generate, in his great book "Ceux de 14" :

"I would like that the ancient soldiers, reading those souvenirs, find in here a bit of theirselves, and of the men they once were; and I would like that some other people, after this lecture, think, if only for a minute : "It was like that, though; It happened, though..." " (Genevois)

Who said that ghosts do not exist ?

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La Guerre, Madame... will you believe me  ?

Writing for witnessing :

Commented bibliography with witnesses, historians, guides, etc... based on my own library.

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Maurice Genevoix

Moving words :

Words and quotations, coming from my readings, that moved my soul...

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German grenade...

Objects that tell :

Hand grenades, artillery ordnance and shell fuzes, personnal objects, witnesses of the past.

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Obusier allemand...

Old guns telling stories;

Surviving WW1 guns that can be seen nowadays all around the world.

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Bienvenue à la Main de Massiges...

Haunted places visits :

Some pictures of places where men fought.

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Telephonic insulators...

Links on the Web :

Other information sources on the Internet, dealing with WW1.

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