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April 01, 2024


Nowadays sensations of the Great War

Walking on a former world war 1 battlefield will often guide your steps in a seductive nature, following the geometric ploughings of a consciencious farmer, on the nice green grass of a quiet pasture, under the shadow of majestic trees, immerged in a charming countryside where birds are singing. The nature and the men took their rights back, and a unaware walker could simply remember of a nice promenade.

Two graves in Verdun, on Douaumont road

But... more than one hundred years ago these places were hell on earth for a whole generation of young men, and an educated eye will still detect traces of this pretty easily.The following pages are trying to help decoding those haunted lands. Witnesses moving words or accurate historians works, militaria and WW1 objects telling their stories, surviving artillery ordnance forever asleep after the doom will help understanding what really was...

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